What is Course Connect?

Course Connect is a custom branded mobile app that integrates with most existing course platforms and allows you to connect with clients or students without the typical hassle of text and email marketing!

Gone are the says of sending hundreds of thousands of email and text messages a month, navigating compliance, dealing with list maintenance, and deliverability issues.

Our notifications have a 99% delivery rate without registration, compliance, or list segregation issues.

Course Connect is built using best in class cloud technology to assure your notifications deliver!

Course Connect is compatible with most major online course portals that have a mobile optimized browser-based learning portal.

Learning Bonus!

Now more than ever students want their courses to be consumable on the go, and natively installed applications make this as easy as it gets to find, sign-in, and consume your course content.


Course Connect is branded to your business with a custom splash screen, colors, and push notification segment that is unique to you and your business. You no longer have to rely on your platforms grey label portal that is not equipped to send push notifications!

Application Sample

No Login Required - Click Login

Notification Pricing

*Notifications are charged per message NOT per user receiving them. Notification subscription is only required to send push notifications.

  • $10 / month - 10 Broadcast Notifications

  • $20 / month - 20 Broadcast Notifications

  • $50 / month - 80 Broadcast Notifications

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